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Bus Shelter success

In September 2016 we were contacted by a parent of a visually impaired child as the bus stop outside the Robert Kett Middle School was designed in such a way that the timetable was a hazard at head height for children and an obstruction to other users. I am pleased to say that with the patience and support of her and her family, the School and School Governors, several messages between WAG and Norfolk County Council and the support of Cllr Mooney yesterday the bus timetable was moved, there is now more room to maneuver through the bus shelter for wheelchair users and the timetable is no longer a hazard to the children.

The chair of governors said

"That is great news! Well done, especially to you Neil. That is so much better for all the children at the school. Thank you.

What a good result! "

And the person who brought this to our attention said

The timetable has been moved to the shelter so it's no longer head height for children! moving the sign has made the pavement slightly wider and definitely more accessible for white cane users who wouldn't feel the timetable with their cane.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting this changed. Much appreciated